come together with us!

Our History

 As of May 2019, we have just started a Social Organization, called "Stand By Me Bali", which is led by children.The project stemmed from their ongoing Seva projects at school, under the umbrella of STUVOL (Student Volunteers).  Their loving consciousness, inspired other children to contribute ideas and happily promote the program to friends and family. They are all taking part. We found, in our local community there was already a simple shelter started for stray dogs, by Tjok Agung of Pejeng and his family. As they are a big part of our school community we decided to offer temporary shelter and extended care through fostering for a small number of dogs in support, as we already have had two rescue dogs at school and this is a natural chance to extend our caring towards more stray dogs

Our Mission

As previously mentioned the children have been participating in a Student Volunteer Program at Wood School Bali (STUVOL) which is based on PCAP (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants). Both programs were founded by P.R. Sarkar, the founder of Neohumanist Education.  One aim of PCAP is to conserve endangered plants. An effective way is through afforestation which naturally prepares  habitats and protection for animals.  Through projects like our temporary dog fostering program, the children are able to support the animals in living a full natural life span, which is in opposition to the effects of the neglect and or cruelty they may otherwise face. The children are able to care for these abandoned animals through feeding and bathing them, as well as fundraising to support the ongoing costs of medication, vaccinations, vet bills and sterilization . 

Our Programs

- Tree Planting

- Seed Collecting

- Temporary Dog Shelter Program 

- Community Outreach/Animal Welfare

- Building Soil

- Permaculture

 - Fundraising to support local Childrens Homes

- Language Exchange for children in local village